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Freelancing from overseas.



Under the director's supervision, the Storyboard Artist interprets the script and designs to create a scene by scene interpretation of the story, first frame to last. Storyboards for TV tend to be tighter and more resolved than feature boards, and are generally cut together with the dialogue track to make a virtual timeline of the show.



LAYOUT is the traditional production design phase of animation. Using the storyboard as a jumping off point, layout artists interpret location designs to create a setting for the action in each scene, camera guides, and rough poses to match the action as indicated in the storyboard-the end product is essentially a blue-print for each scene, a common reference point used by all future departments.

Location Design

Locatation design

LOCATION DESIGN is a working crossover between art and design, combining the art directors vision for the atmosphere of the project with the nuts and bolts requirements of the animation medium.